Saturday, March 24, 2012


In just a few weeks I will be moving off the Lake Shore.
-I have been here month-wise more than I was in Manhattan for College (24 total months vs. 28 months)
-It has been my most permanent address since my parent's house

It is always hard to move from one season to another. When I graduated college, I cried on the way back to Kansas City because I knew that that season of my life was over. This cabana-living, island-themed season of my life means so much more to me than college did. (Read: i will be a hot mess when I close this chapter of my life)

This weekend is leadership weekend for kamp. As you know, I stepped down from leadership and will not returning to kamp. I've been great with it because I have an incredible director who is letting me work Staff training and I am going to Africa for a month.

Last night I picked up my director's kids to hang out with them while meetings were going on. It hit me like a ton of bricks: I am not going back to a place that I love and has become so much of who I am. And in that moment I failed to remember that the Lord has called me somewhere else: Ethiopia.

In that moment I was an Israelite. While they were wandering around the wilderness they wanted to go back to Egypt. Egypt was comfortable and they had food and shelter but they were in bondage and they forgot that they were on their way to the Promise Land!

I am not comparing kamp to being in bondage but it has a piece of my heart that makes it hard to look forward to what is coming up in my life. I was so focused on what I was missing out on that I forgot to look at what I was being called to.

I am going to Ethiopia.
It still doesn't seem real but it is.

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