Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Happy Place

Welcome to my summer office. Don't you love my new desk?

A little tour, starting from the left:
James Precept Notebook: you know, gotta teach that book to 24 different girls this summer, good thing I was taught it at the Institute
Spiral Notebook: EVERYTHING gets written down on this bad boy, it is full of daily to-do lists
Jesus Calling: Every morning I do this with my kitchies, I highly recommend this little devo. My old director told me about it last summer.
Post-it notes: I mean they basically are a necessity
Kanakuk Mug: I mean I have recently realized that I am 'that kamp girl'* so why wouldn't I have a kamp mug?
Sharpie Pens: writing utensil of choice, this is a brand new set and since pens vanish around the kitchen, they may or may not be labeled with my name on them...
Precepts Pens: same as Sharpie Pens, I may be a little OCD about my pens.**
White Board: It probably won't get used to change the world but I just erased a picture one of my kitchies drew of an octopus. So it will be used this summer.
Pictures of Institute Friends or Institute related things: T-group, Tanya, Caroline and scenery from Israel
Favorite Verse: Exodus 14:14, The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be still
Computer: I'm always working on DHDL things. And I am OCD do it has to look nice.
DHDL Notebook: 47 pages later I have the handbook written for the person who takes over my job when I leave
Cookie Recipes: I mean I made 402 dozen last summer, here's to another summer!
Mountainsmith Bag: My mobile office, this keeps everything I possibly may need during the day so I don't have to go back to my room until 11 at night
Calendar: No reason, I just love it (although May is not my favorite picture). Each page has a patten on the back that you can recylce it and make notecard or gift boxes
Keys: let's be honest, for once I know where my keys are!

*Qaulifications for being 'that girl': working at kamp longer than 2 summers, attending the Institute, working for a kamp ministry during the off season, spelling c-words with a k andowning: chacos, a crazy creek, a mountainsmith bag, nike shorts and white v-necks.
**My sharpie packs are not on my desk because I know they would vanish, so my 2 24 packs of Sharpies (fine and ultra fine) are hidden in a crevice of my office and only brought out when needed.