Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Biebs.

I hate how much I love the movie 'Never Say Never'
Seriously. The weekend it came out on DVD I watched it three times in one weekend*

Any way, at the end of the movie the Biebs is quoted to say
"There's gonna be times in your life when people say you can't do something. And there's gonna be times in your life when people say that you can't live your dreams...this is what I tell them 'Never Say Never'!"

Ok. So he gets a lot of flack and whatever. I love him because he reminds me of the long boy-band phase I went through (*NSYNC and Backstreet Boys)...Can you imagine a boy-band made up of Biebers? I also love him because he was told it was impossible and is living proof that you can live your dreams. I don't love how obsessed The heart of a 13-year old is perfectly depicted in girls who have the Bieber fever (but I probably knew the exact same facts about my boys in *NSYNC.) If you don't believe me, watch the movie. It's sickening. Bt we all have been there at one point or another.

And I am ashamed that I just blogged about the Biebs.
I'll make up for it in a thought-provoking blog about something great like the Old Covenant vs. the New Covenant.

*In my defense I watched it with 14 year old girls at a slumber party, the second time I watched it with the host fam** and the third time...well I watched it with girls my age.
**My host fam's boys look like the biebs when they were little. No lie.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Next Semester

-2 grad school classes (6 credit hours)
-Average of 4 assignments/readings a week
-work 20 hours at Gap
- work 20 hours at the Institute
-5 weddings
-1 half marathon
-Leading 1 small group a week
-Attending 1 small group a week
-attending 1 Bible study a week
-Fundraising for Ethiopia and Uganda
-1 trip to Chicago
-Few trips to KC
-4 textbooks to read


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

KC Vacation

I rarely have time in Kansas City. Towards the end of kamp I realized how drained I was from 5 years of college/kamp/athletics/kamp/college/athletics/work/kamp/Institute/kamp/internship/masters.. So for three weeks I am on vacation. I am hanGing out on the futon at the parents house treating my time off as actual vacation.
I have slept in, visited some unique cuisine in KC and hung out with friends I have known for 18 years.

Tonight I went to my dear friend Julie's house for a little KCC mom/daughter catch up time. There are about 4-5 girls that I make sure that I keep up with and make a point to see each time I am back in this wonderful town. As I was sitting at the table tonight I was struck with the thought that three girls I was with, I have known for 18 years. That is a huge chunk of time, especially considering I am only 23. We have known each other FOREVER.
The beauty of these friendships is I know, without a doubt, they are not going anywhere. We have changed over the years* but somehow we are still mesh.

I have just realized how blessed I am in my friendships. I mean, I know I have incredible friends. I have girls from KCC that I still keep up with and challenge me. I have girls from kamp and the Insty that do the same. I have close friends from the church I grew up with and girls from random places such as Sheridans and Nekamo.

The Lord truly works in my life through the presence of these wonderful ladies.

*Not only our hairstyles (thank goodness...) but parts of our personalities and interests

Side note: My next paycheck is coming from KCC. Ironic. Spent 13 years of my life in that place.