Wednesday, August 17, 2011

KC Vacation

I rarely have time in Kansas City. Towards the end of kamp I realized how drained I was from 5 years of college/kamp/athletics/kamp/college/athletics/work/kamp/Institute/kamp/internship/masters.. So for three weeks I am on vacation. I am hanGing out on the futon at the parents house treating my time off as actual vacation.
I have slept in, visited some unique cuisine in KC and hung out with friends I have known for 18 years.

Tonight I went to my dear friend Julie's house for a little KCC mom/daughter catch up time. There are about 4-5 girls that I make sure that I keep up with and make a point to see each time I am back in this wonderful town. As I was sitting at the table tonight I was struck with the thought that three girls I was with, I have known for 18 years. That is a huge chunk of time, especially considering I am only 23. We have known each other FOREVER.
The beauty of these friendships is I know, without a doubt, they are not going anywhere. We have changed over the years* but somehow we are still mesh.

I have just realized how blessed I am in my friendships. I mean, I know I have incredible friends. I have girls from KCC that I still keep up with and challenge me. I have girls from kamp and the Insty that do the same. I have close friends from the church I grew up with and girls from random places such as Sheridans and Nekamo.

The Lord truly works in my life through the presence of these wonderful ladies.

*Not only our hairstyles (thank goodness...) but parts of our personalities and interests

Side note: My next paycheck is coming from KCC. Ironic. Spent 13 years of my life in that place.

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