Monday, June 27, 2011

The Rollercoaster Otherwise Known as MY JOB

Term Four:

Day 1- After dinner My kitchies inform me that the dishwasher (otherwise referred to as Hobie) is not working. I do what any good staff member does and call Donna. Donna is one of those people who does EVERYTHING, seriously. Kamp does not run without her. Seriously. She takes a look at it and calls Rice Equipment for me.

Day 2- 6:30am I arrive at the kitchen and see Mr. Rice Equipment taking a look at Hobie. He informs me at about 7:30 that Hobie is fixed. If I have any more problems I need to call him but he says if the float (?) is out and it will take a week to get the part in. Awesome. Good thing the Hobster is fixed. Or so I thought.

9:02am My kitchies inform that Hobie is not working. My mind starts to race and jump forward to the fact that this is the biggest term that Kauai has ever had. Not kidding. We have no empty beds in the entire kamp. I gather my girls up and let them eat second breakfast (we are truly Hobbits) and I formulate a game plan. We have to start hand-washing dishes. We currently have 315 people at kamp with 5-piece place settings not including serving utensils, prep dishes or cereal bowls. You do the math.

I call a neighboring kamp and borrow dishwashing soap (did I mention that we were out?) and Dee and I golf-cart it over and grab it and I devise a game plan. I assign girls to 3-step all the dishes (wash, rinse and bleach). I then decided to get all the cups, pitchers and silverware and truck it over to one of the Branson kamps. These dishes take up the ENTIRE bed of the truck. I head over to K-1 with 3 girls and we wash dishes for 2 hours. In the meantime, I have called Mr. Hobie himself and they are sending an emergency repair man. The rest of my crew is dominating the kitchen back at Kauai.

(loading the truck for K-1, annoyed but dealing with it)

(trucking the dishes over, sitting on cups and vats)

12:12pm Mr. Hobie arrives, tinkers with the Hobie. Which of course is working just fine at this point. My girls serve lunch and eat. I have them start cleaning up and hand-washing the dishes (thankfully we were allowed to use paper plates at lunch). I am secretly hating my job and selfishly wanting to curl up in my kamp-bed and hide under the covers. I drink a cup of coffee and try to brainstorm with Dee to decide what to do if Hobie does not get fixed before the next meal.

2:17pm Hobie is repaired. We clean as normal and girls are dismissed at 3:02. I decided to take a short nap because it had been a non-stop crazy morning. I was expecting a quick visit from KK and Michael and I was so thankful I would get to see them on this day.

4:16pm I meet Kristen and Michael in the office to officially sign them in. Which I never actually got accomplished…I hug on KK and side hug Michael (gotta keep it k-rated) I go behind the desk to get visitor stickers. KK tells me that she hopes I don’t pee my pants. I get confused, turn around and see A ROCK ON HER FINGER. Ladies and gentlemen. I scream, instant tears, drop to the ground, pounce on her, side hug Michael and keep repeating my shrieks of joy. The girl is ENGAGED.

(Just rocking out the Chiefs and the Wildcats, post-announcement)

The girl I have known since Mrs. Stetler’s kindergarten class, the girl I went to school with for 16 years, the girl who was my roommate for 2 years, who played Smash Brothers and Sporcle into the wee hours of the morning. The girl who kept me in check spiritually, emotionally and physically in college, the one who introduced me to Kanakuk, the girl who has been one of the pillars in my life is going to be a MRS!

This day started off as one of the worse days of kamp (kitchen wise) but I am so blessed by my girls who rocked out washing the dishes by hand and didn’t complain and then the Hobster was fixed. I got to take a nap, woke up 30 minutes later refreshed, ready to see my dear friends. Then I saw the ring and I have been so giddy since then. So excited to go wedding dress shopping with her in August.

In the words of Keith: ‘It’s all Good’.

(Michael, Kristen and myself after the shock of my day)

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