Thursday, June 2, 2011

Staff Training Week

These 10 days are the always the HARDEST at kamp. It may seem crazy but summer is easier than staff training. I am so grateful when kamp starts because it means life slows down! This year especially has been crazy. To start matters off, our entire lower fields was flooded. And by lower fields I mean bottom half of kamp was an ocean. Literally. We did not see grass for days, but thankfully all the storms have left for a while and we have had nothing but sunshine.

I am so exhausted from the schedule this week but I know it will slow down. And since this is my 4th summer I know what it looks like when families are here and I am so ready for that aspect of kamp! I am so so so ready for families to get here!

I am coming into the summer so much more prepared than I ever have before. Being back in Branson by May 1st did wonders for my kamp-mindedness. I had time to write the DHDL notebook. I did tons of research on health codes and created daily spiritual themes for the kitchen and assisted my director with anything from writing emails to new staff to making dinner for the family.

I have an awesome group of kitchies. Which makes my job so much easier and a ton of fun. I am excited to have this group of 14 girls. I cannot wait to dive into James with them and live life with these girls for the next 6 weeks.

It has been really encouraging to see friends from the Institute. I have seen the besties, everyone who is currently at kamp and some Insty staff. It is awesome to hear how the Lord is working in the lives of my classmates and seeing how the Insty was a training ground for the rest of our lives. We learned how to pursue the Lord using just His Word and how desperately we need Him EVERYDAY. It is not about being in the mode of the Insty and pursuing the Lord because my school requires it but it is about the rest of my life.

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