Monday, September 5, 2011

A Letter

Dear Kanakuk Institute Class of 2012:

Your world is about to be rocked. Rocked to a point that it is broken apart and you don’t know how it will be put together again. In that moment when you feel that all you knew was crashing down, all you have is you sweet Savior to run to. You will be ‘torn to pieces, but he will heal you. He has injured you. But he will bind up your wounds…that you may live in His presence (Hosea 6:1-3).

These 8 months are hard. They are painful. You are in a constant state of sanctification. You are being molded, put through the fire, refined and challenged. There is beauty in this. The beauty is the Lord restores you. He redeems you. He is made strong as you are discovering how weak you are. He is sovereign. He reveals your pride shows you that without Him you are nothing. And then you realize that the only thing that matters is knowing your Lord, you grow in ways you never felt possible.

In the midst of this year, you will be blessed beyond belief. You will meet some of the most incredible people. You will meet men and women who will change your life. The Lord uses your classmates and the staff to challenge, encourage and point you to the cross. Your life will ever be the same.

Cherish this year. It goes by fast and once the summer hits, your friends are spread across the country. You will never experience community like this again and you will long for it for the rest of your life. There is no experience like this year. What you learn this year will change the course of your life and you will be left wanting more of God's Word.

Study the Word. Make time for friends. Pay attention. Ask questions. Take things seriously. Stay accountable. Challenge yourself. Challenge others. Pray. Serve others. Be intentional. Know God.


Institute Graduate, class of 2011

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