Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Blessings

I am in a month into my internship with the Kanakuk Institute (and currently on a train to Chicago for a long weekend.). I am loving it. I am constantly being challenged in ways I never expected. My fellow interns are incredible, so glad I get to know their hearts this year and one of my best friends from the Institute is staying on Kauai’s property working for Link Year. This year does not feel like a sophomore year of the Institute but I am so glad 9 pieces of my class have stayed here and I can be reminded how beautifully broken this past year was and how I absolutely loved my class (even though I know my class was the reasoning behind some new rules…)

I am so blessed to live in a town like Branson. The Lord is in the business of surprising His people. He knew exactly what I needed after coming out of the Institute, ready to take on the world. One of the biggest blessings of this year has been being able to get more involved with the community and my church. I started attending a weekly Precepts study. We finished Esther and are now moving on to Zachariah next week. I am staying busy piecing together a 40-hour work week with my internship and working with Gap. Topped with my master’s classes (graduation May ‘12!)

I am so excited because I have worked for Gap for a year and there are going to be about 6 students joining me there. My prayer is that we can overtake that place for the Lord. Gap may be my full-time mission field after this year (parents-don’t freak out). Part of me would love to stay there and work full-time and love those people with Christ’s love. I love that no matter where a Christian may work, it is their ministry and mission field.

I’m going to enter a stage of the unknown in April. I won’t have the security blanket of the bext step with school to cling too. This time two years ago, this fact would have terrified me. Not anymore. I refuse to be the person I was senior year of college. It’s liberating to not know the next step (hopefully in April when I am still unemployed I’ll still feel that way.)


Where you lead me, I am willing to go.

I am willing to do what you want me to do for YOUR Kingdom.

My goal is to testify to YOUR GRACE.

Acts 20:24, However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task Lord Jesus has given-the task of testifying to God’s grace.

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