Friday, September 16, 2011

Worst Fears

(This blog may contain graphic images)

When I was younger I watched a lot of 20/20. You know the show that was on Friday nights and Barbara Walters was the host? Anyway, this show caused a lot of (ir)rational fears in my life.
They range from hotel comforters to not using automatic hand dryers to pool drains to poisonous spiders (especially Black Widows and Brown Recluses). I used to have a re-occuring dream of these spiders crawling down my throat while I was asleep and biting my lungs. Now if I had the same reaction that Peter Parker had when he was bit by a spider I would fully welcome the bites*

A few days ago, the Institute students traveled to Joplin to volunteer for a few days to help with clean-up from the May tornadoes. The interns decided to go for the day and help out. My team of 11 (7 students and 4 interns) was assigned to a church distribution center to unload a tent of supplies into a trailer. We moved on to build a circus looking tent to house donations. As a team we had to move these massive boards that would serve as the floor. Literally, it took all 11 of us to flip these over and build the floor.

(I bet you're wondering how this relates to 20/20, I'll get there)

So we are about half way done and a girl drops the board and just goes "" and points to the board. Ladies and gentlemen there was a black widow the size of a nickel (which is HUGE). I came face to face with my fear. Luckily we had work gloves so it was picked up and then stepped on (which we heard a huge it pop...disgusting I know.) I mention to one of the students that I hate black widows and now I felt like they were crawling all over me. Then I say as long as I don't see a brown recluse I would be good. Three black widow sightings later, I see it. The brown recluse. These spiders are deadly. And gross looking. Here's the proof:

I came face to face with my fears...and then we I stepped on them and continued to work. But you better believe I did not remove my work gloves for the rest of the day. I still feel like they are crawling one me as I type this.

*Peter Parker=Spiderman

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  1. ewww. and now i'll be having the same nightmares.