Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Lord's Sense of Humor

When I went to the Insitute I had to write belief statements. To sum it up, I wrote 10 statements about different aspects of my faith and backed up my beliefs with Scripture. in mY God the Father statement I stated that I firmly believed that God has a sense of humor. It's true that the Lord has a sense of humor because even in Africa I just have to laugh at my life.

 1. I despise moving, I hate packing and like being settled and organized. I traveled almost 9,000 miles away from home to still be living out of a suitcase and storage containers. I spent 6 days in Ethiopia, 6 days in Uganda, 3 days in Ethiopia, 6 days in Uganda and then finish the trip with 6 days in Ethiopia.

 2. I hate feet. I dont enjoying painting women's nails. And especially don't enjoy painting toenails. My team had the opportunity to minister to a tribe in Uganda that is the lowest of the low and the poorest of the poor. Essentially the social rejects of Uganda. When my team went to the Kilamonjung tribe, we brought fingernail polish. I kid you not, each woman hat came to me want their toenails painted. Now remember that most women in this tribe don't have shoes. So their feet we're not necessarily the most taken care of.

 3. The last 2 summers I was in charge of the kitchen at kamp. I joked with my girls that my proudest moment as DHDL was being able to maneuver myself under the dishwasher to scrape food particles into the drain without touching the ground. Little did I know that would come in handy when I have to use the restroom and that restroom consisted of just a hole in the ground.

 4. Physical touch is not my love language. Apparently it is the universal love language of Africa. So basically that means I have had no personal space since the day I arrived here. As my support for my belief that the Lord has a sense of humor I just said my life was an example. It's constantly proving itself true!

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