Monday, January 9, 2012

Pictures are Worth 1,000 Words

Been absent from the blog world for a while. Here's why:
Oklahoma State beat University of Oklahoma.
I root for the state schools. Only state schools.

Went to a K-Kauai Christmas party and these girls I have been working with since 2008. And now we all live in Branson. Ironic.

My roommate and I went to Silver Dollar City. And got a funnel cake that had been talked about for months. Literally.

Went to a Lady Antebellum concert in Springfield. Worth it.

Watch one of my closest friends of 18ish years walk down the aisle and change her last name.

On an Africa-related note: I am OFFICIALLY going for a month. I leave June 7th and will return to the states July 4th. The Lord is so good.

Life in Branson is wonderful, although I lost half my friend group due to life I love being here. The Christmas tree is still up and we just got a Tervis store. The community is challenging but such a blessing. And I go to church in a castle.

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