Monday, April 18, 2011


Last night I was on gchat with a friend from the Institute (although she moved from the 'institute friend' category to the 'life friend' category a long time ago).

After catching up on life (I know it has only been 2 days since graduation but a lot can happen in 2 days!)
A piece of our conversation went something like this:
"When did we grow up?"-Me
"I think it was Friday."-Tanya

As we parted ways for the evening I was thinking about this small part of our chat.
It is so true. (yet we both still work at kamp so we aren't entirely there yet)

On Friday, I was a finishing a school year with my peers and Saturday morning we were driving separate ways across the country to start jobs. BITTERSWEET. Probably the most bittersweet event I have ever experienced.

The Institute graduation was a beautiful picture of how it is necessary for something to end so the Lord can start something new and exciting and scary.

One things I was convicted about this past week was comparing where I am called to the callings of others. I am called to Branson to intern with the Institute. End of story. I am where the Lord wants me. Even though some people in my class are called to pretty sweet locations (such as Ethiopia, Florida and the Dominican Republic) we all are doing what the Lord asks of us by following Him where He leads.

I am sad this season of the Institute is over. It was a refining year for all of us. But it is so exciting to see what is next up for me and my classmates.

A few pictures from Graduation:

A cord of three strands is not easily torn apart.
Long live the walls we crashed through, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.

I will truly miss this group of ladies. We learned so much from each other. Anywhere from Biblical truths to the beauty of the sassy arm in pictures.

Megan, sweet Kauai friend. Who would have thought when we first met in 2008 it would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And we would be where we both are today.

Sweet Caroline. This year would have been so much different without her. Her time at kamp is over but i am so excited for her next adventure: nursing school!

It's official. I graduated the Kanakuk Institute (also known as the Insty to the class of 2011)

(Thanks to Tanya and Mallory for picking out/forcing me to buy that graduation dress)

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