Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear friends
(meaning the 4 friends that actually read this, my mom and my mom's friends),

I changed my blog theme tonight. My previous blog theme was 'In the Land of Milk and Honey' because I stepped out on faith to move to Branson much like Moses when he was leading the Israelites to the Promise Land. Tonight I changed my theme to 'Life on the Lake Shore' and emphasized all the newness in my life but how my Lord is the same. Now with that being said...

I am OFFICIALLY staying in Branson for another year! The Lord is so good. I applied for an internship with the Institute and 6 weeks and a few miscommunications later I was offered a position titled 'Keith's Writer'. You may laugh, which is what I did when I first heard that title but I am really excited about it but I definitely will be needing prayer come next Friday if another job offer comes through. For the record, Keith is the guy who dreamed up the Insty and is the director of it, his wife is my Timothy group leader.

Now that announcement is over I can talk about PANELS. For those of you who don't know panels is the most dreadful/beneficial aspect of the Insty. All this semester we have been writing what we believe on 10 different topics and then each statement is backed up with Scripture. This week we signed up for a 30 minute slot of time that we go into a room armed with our statements and the Word of God and we sit down and 3-7 people fire the tough questions that unbelievers may ask you and we must have a response. TERRIFYING. But incredible. This time last year I would have never been able to tell you the answers to any of the questions, let alone the Scripture that goes with it. Incredible. Awesome to see the growth in 7 months.

Graduation is next week. Part of me is sad but I know that this chapter of my life is ending and I know that I have made some great friends that will be by my side until the day I die, regardless of our location. So blessed. I am so thankful that I choose the Insty and not Denver Seminary. The Lord had a much bigger and greater plan for me. I didn't realize that bigger plan included a smaller town, a group of friends who have become family, and an opportunity to work for a ministry that I believe in.

Sarah: the girl who told the Lord she would be in Branson for one summer in 2008 and somehow never got away.

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