Sunday, February 6, 2011

Old Dreams Revived

The idea behind the Lord granting you the desires of your heart is a funny concept. It is all in His timing.

My freshman year of college I had my heart set on becoming a Fashion Mechandiser who specialized in Visual merchandising and had dreams of living in New York. A few months into my sophomore year I was at KSU (go state, I will ALWAYS bleed purple) and I took Intro to Human Development. After my first week of class I changed my major to Family Studies and Human Services and never looked back. I am qualified to do a lot but certified to do nothing. Oh and I have a women studies minor (don’t cringe, feminism is not all bad. Without a little bit of femisnism in our history women today would not be able to vote…) I loved my major and would not have changed it for anything.

Fast forward a few years later, I am almost done with my first year of grad school and I am working at Gap barely surviving my monthly bills in Branson. I have worked here since October and only about 10 hours a week. And took a week off and missed black Friday and took a week off at Christmas. So I don’t even think I can call myself a real employee.

About a week ago, I got a promotion. I am the Woman’s Visual Specialist…basically I am in charge of the mannequins (and for the record I spelled that correctly the first time) and the displays on the women’s side of Gap. I am literally doing what I was so passionate about 5 years ago. I was able to pursue other things and still have this opportunity to accomplish this dream I had years ago. It was made so clear to me that I did the right thing of changing my major because I can do this job without a fashion degree with a little hard work, initive and loyalty to my job.

I am truly getting the best of both worlds, accomplishing one high school dream to work towards my vision statement: Know God, serve others and make God known. It is incredible to see how the Lord has taken this old dream of mine that I thought I would never be able to accomplish and have Him work it into my life at the perfect time.

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  1. Sarah! What a wonderful testimony! God is so good......first he PLANTED A DESIRE IN YOUR HEART and then He GAVE you the desire of your heart! What a mighty God we serve!!!! And, so wonderful that you know that and give Him the glory! Thanks for sharing!