Sunday, October 3, 2010

You know you live in Branson when...

I have been here for almost a month. Sometimes I forget I live in Branson but then I see Elvis at the post office and then it all comes back to me. Living here has almost become a normal thing. I have a doctor, coffee shop, salon, cute little deli, a grocery store and I am working on getting a bank. I know most of the back roads and I have great church that I love.

Please let me tell you about my church. It is Woodland Hills Family Church and it is one of the most solid churches I have ever been to. The worship is pretty good but also remember I live in Branson so things can seem like a performance when they actually aren’t but the teaching is incredible. The pastor goes through a book of the Bible verse by verse and tells you how it is. And he is sarcastic, which I love. He is not afraid to step on any toes.

Oh, and we meet in a castle. In an old theme park. Don’t worry about it.

Seriously, you drive up and see a wooden rollercoaster and a ferris wheel and a castle. It recently had a paint job, it used to be K-State purple. Every Sunday I drive up and am reminded that I do, in fact, live in Branson, USA. The theme park was Celebration City in its prime but shut down in 2008 and has since become my church home. This is completely normal to me, which means I am getting used to calling B-Town home. Now that's scary.

I am attending new member classes and hopefully will be a member soon. i have gotten involved in the church and am in love with the ministries they have.

Other than that, everything is in full gear with class, John Brown assignments, precepts, my host family's sporting events and internships. I am working part-time at Gap Outlet (hello discount) and am trying to save money and not spend any. My credit card bill may a little higher than normal this month...whoops.

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